Cemetery Transcriptions

These are transcribed and published cemeteries in York Region, Ontario, Canada. Most contain a brief history of the cemetery; a general location map or description; a marker plot map; and a name index. They can be ordered at meetings or by mail, using the convenient Mail Order Form. Prices are subject to change without notice.

All York Region Branch cemetery transcriptions are now available through the OGS Marketplace. Each transcription can be downloaded in PDF to your computer for a nominal fee. Prices shown here are for the printed version of a transcription. Shipping and handling are extra.

Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill,Vaughan, Whitchurch-Stouffville.

Reference Description Price
AUR-001 Aurora Cemetery
There are currently over 4,700 markers listed in the transcript, which is over 400 pages in length.
AUR-003 Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery $3.00
EGW-002 Christ Church Cemetery (Holland Landing) $8.00
EGW-004 Franklin Pioneer Cemetery $3.00
EGW-005 Holborne-Glover Cemetery (Ravenshoe) $3.00
EGW-006 Holt Free Methodist Church Cemetery $3.00
EGW-008 Mount Albert Cemetery $18.00
EGW-009 Mount Albert Pioneer Cemetery $5.00
EGW-010 Pegg Cemetery $3.00
EGW-011 Queensville Cemetery $25.00
Selby Burying Ground (Sharon) and The Weddel Family Plot
These cemeteries are side by side and are enclosed by the same fence.
GRG-001 “Auld” Castle Cemetery $3.00
GRG-002 Baldwin Cemetery $5.00
GRG-003 Boyers Road Cemetery $3.00
GRG-004 BriarHill Cemetery, Vol. I & II (Sutton)
Volume I (West Section) opened in 1894 and contains approximately 3,000 burials. Volume II (East section) opened in 1978, with approximately 1800 burials. Each section contains a separate index.
GRG-005 Christ Churchyard Cemetery (Roches Point) $7.00
GRG-006 Cooke’s Church Cemetery (Pefferlaw) $4.00
GRG-007 Johnston Cemetery (Pefferlaw) $3.00
GRG-008 Knox Church Cemetery (Sutton) $5.00
GRG-009 Mann Cemetery (Keswick)/Sprague Family Burial Ground $7.00
GRG-010 St. George’s Anglican Churchyard Cemetery (Sibbald Point) $9.00
GRG-011 St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (Virginia) $7.00
GRG-012 St. James Anglican Church Cemetery (Sutton West) $7.00
GRG-013 Georgina Island Cemetery $3.00
GRG-016 Fairbarn Burial Place $3.00
GRG-018 Baldwin Abandoned Cemetery $3.00
KING top
KNG-001 Temperanceville Presbyterian Church Cemetery $3.00
KNG-002 All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery (King City) $4.00
KNG-003 St. Andrew’s Cemetery (Eversley) $4.00
KNG-004 Kinghorn Methodist Episcopal Cemetery $3.00
KNG-005 King City Cemetery $24.00
KNG-006 Kettleby Cemetery $18.00
KNG-007 Laskay Primitive Methodist Church Cemetery $3.00
KNG-008 Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (Strange) $3.00
KNG-009 Sacred Heart Cemetery $4.00
KNG-010 Emmanuel Baptist Church Cemetery (King Christian Church/Hilborn Settlement) $3.00
KNG-011 Laskay Presbyterian Church Cemetery $4.00
KNG-012 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery (Strange) $5.00
KNG-013 Proctor Family Cemetery $3.00
KNG-014 Cemetery on the Hill (Nobleton) $4.00
KNG-015 Nobleton Community Cemetery $3.00
KNG-016 St. Paul’s Presbyterian Cemetery (Linton) $3.00
KNG-017 Lloydtown Pioneer Cemetery / Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery (Lloydtown) $8.00
KNG-018 Lloydtown Anglican Cemetery / St. Mary Magdalene’s Cemetery (Lloydtown) $4.00
KNG-019 St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Lloydtown) $6.00
KNG-020 Schomberg Union/Friends Cemetery $7.00
KNG-021 Chamberlain Burying Ground $5.00
KNG-022 St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (Nobleton) $15.00
KNG-023 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery $4.00
KNG-024 Baptist Cemetery (Hammertown) $3.00
KNG-025 Eleventh Line Presbyterian Church Cemetery $4.00
KNG-026 Hammertown Primitive Methodist Cemetery $3.00
MRK-001 Bethel Cemetery $4.00
MRK-002 Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery $8.00
MRK-003 Box Grove Church Cemetery $3.00
MRK-004 Boyles’ Cemetery (Mongolia) $4.00
MRK-005 Brown’s Corners Church Cemetery (Buttonville) $4.00
MRK-006 Buttonville Cemetery $5.00
MRK-007 Byer Family Cemetery $3.00
MRK-008 Cashel Cemetery $5.00
MRK-009 Cedar Grove Mennonite Cemetery $5.00
MRK-010 Clendenan Cemetery $3.00
MRK-011 Dickson’s Hill Cemetery $15.00
MRK-012 Ebenezer Cemetery (Milliken) (re-transcribed) $8.00
MRK-013 Eckhardt Cemetery $3.00
MRK-014 Elmwood Cemetery $15.00
MRK-015 Grace Anglican Church Cemetery (Markham) $9.00
MRK-016 Hagerman East Cemetery (Hagerman’s Corners) $6.00
MRK-017 Hagerman West Cemetery (Hagerman’s Corners) $4.00
MRK-018 Willson Burying Ground (Thornhill) $3.00
MRK-021 Locust Hill Church Cemetery $8.00
MRK-022 Melville Church Cemetery $5.00
MRK-023 Ramer Mennonite Cemetery $4.00
MRK-024 Peach’s Church Cemetery $4.00
MRK-025 Thornhill Pioneer Methodist Cemetery $3.00
MRK-026 Quantztown Cemetery $3.00
MRK-027 Reesor Mennonite Cemetery $5.00
MRK-027R Reesor Mennonite Cemetery, Burial Register $4.00
MRK-028 Reesor Pioneer Cemetery $3.00
MRK-029 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Markham). $15.00
MRK-030 Tomlinson Graveyard (Box Grove) $3.00
MRK-031 St. John’s Lutheran Church Cemetery (Buttonville) $4.00
MRK-032 St. John’s 5th Line Church Cemetery (Milliken) $5.00
MRK-033 St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (Thornhill) $10.00
MRK-034 St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (Vinegar Hill) $4.00
MRK-035 St. Philip’s Anglican Church Cemetery (Unionville) $8.00
MRK-037 Zion Church Cemetery (Cedar Grove) $4.00
MRK-038 Thornhill Community Cemetery $25.00
MRK-039 Victoria Square Church (West) Cemetery $9.00
MRK-040 Victoria Square Church (East) Cemetery $5.00
MRK-041 Wideman Mennonite Cemetery $15.00
MRK-042 Canning Cemetery (Hagerman Corners) $3.00
MRK-043 First Baptist Church Cemetery $5.00
MRK-044 Ferguson Grave $3.00
MRK-045 Fierheller Graveyard (Thornhill) $3.00
MRK-046 Badgerow/Bagereau Family Burial Ground I $3.00
MRK-047 Pingle Burying Ground $3.00
MRK-050 Barnett Graveyard $3.00
NWM-001 St. John Chrysostom / St. John’s Roman Catholic Cemetery $24.00
NWM-002 Newmarket Cemetery $30.00
NWM-003 Pioneer Burying Ground (Eagle St. Cemetery) Newmarket $5.00
NWM-004 Friends’ (Hicksite) Burying Ground (Armitage) $4.00
NWM-010 Hughes Family Burial Ground $3.00
RCH-002 St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery (Jefferson) Revision $10.00
RCH-003 Wise Family Burying Ground $3.00
RCH-005 Atkinson Family Burying Ground $3.00
RCH-006 Richmond Hill (Presbyterian) Cemetery $25.00
RCH 007 St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery $4.00
RCH-009 Temperanceville United Church Cemetery $3.00
RCH-010 Headford Church Cemetery $4.00
VGH-002 Baker-Cober Cemetery $4.00
VGH-005 Carrville Cemetery $5.00
VGH-006 Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (Woodbridge) $8.00
VGH-008 Dalziel Pioneer Cemetery $3.00
VGH-010 Edgeley Mennonite Burying Ground $6.00
VGH-011 Hillcrest Cemetery (Woodbridge) $17.00
VGH-012 Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery (Thornhill) $12.00
VGH-013 Hope Primitive Methodist Cemetery $3.00
VGH-015 Old Methodist Cemetery (Kleinburg) $3.00
VGH-016 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Sherwood) $8.00
VGH-017 MacNaughton Cemetery $3.00
VGH-018 Knox Cemetery (Vaughan) $5.00
VGH-020 (Kleinburg) $3.00
VGH-021 Nashville Cemetery $12.00
VGH-023 Old St. Stephen’s Church Cemetery (Langstaff) $3.00
VGH-024 Old Methodist Church Cemetery (Woodbridge) $4.00
VGH-026 Pine Grove Congregational Cemetery $3.00
VGH-027 Fisherville Church Cemetery $3.00
VGH-029 Reupard’s Settlement Pioneer Burying Ground (Sherwood) $3.00
VGH-030 Maple Cemetery $20.00
VGH-032 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery / Maple Presbyterian Church Cemetery /
“Aulde Kirk” Burying Ground (Maple)
VGH-033 St. Paul’s Vaughan Cemetery $8.00
VGH-034 Presbyterian Free Church Pioneer Cemetery (Purpleville) $3.00
VGH-035 Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (Purpleville) $3.00
VGH-036 Reaman Family Burying Ground $3.00
WHS-001 Baker Hill Cemetery $3.00
WHS-003 Bloomington Methodist Cemetery $4.00
WHS-004 Brillinger Farm Cemetery $3.00
WHS-005 Brownsberger Farm Cemetery (Ringwood) $3.00
WHS-006 Christian Church Cemetery (Churchill) $8.00
WHS-007 Cook Farm Cemetery I $3.00
WHS-008 Hartman Cemetery $8.00
WHS-009 Lemonville Church Cemetery $5.00
WHS-010 Stouffville Cemetery plus record books and much more $35.00
WHS-011 Pine Orchard Friends’ Cemetery $12.00
WHS-013 Steckley Farm Cemetery (Bethesda) $3.00
WHS-014 Petchville Cemetery / Wesley Pioneer Cemetery $5.00
WHS-015 Heise Hill Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery / Heise Hill Dunkard Cemetery $17.00
WHS-016 Springvale/2nd Markham Baptist/6th Line Baptist $4.00
WHS-018 Lee Grave $3.00
WHS-019 Cook Farm Cemetery II $3.00