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Branch meetings are held at the Richmond Hill Public Library, 1 Atkinson Street, Richmond Hill (MAP) unless otherwise noted, at 7:15 pm on the second Wednesday. Dates and registration listed below:

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Speaker: Ruth Burkholder.

Ruth Burkholder, the daughter of British immigrants was born and raised in Toronto. She married into a Pennsylvania-German farming family.

The many genealogical challenges faced in finding the records of these two diverse family histories have lead her to an understanding and appreciation for the many different sources available for finding information. for the past 35 plus years, Ruth has worked as an historian and genealogist. She lectures, teaches, and works professionally as a researcher of local and family histories. Living just outside Toronto, she feels that she has the best of both rural and urban worlds.

Ruth is an active member of the Ontario Genealogical Society/Ontario Ancestors, both as a speaker and supporter of various projects of the Society and its branches. While we are all aware of the ‘usual’ sources for our family’s history, like vital records, census and directories,There are a number of sources not as well, known . Her presentation will revolve around these less known resources.

June 14, 2023

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Speaker:  Dan Buchanan

He will be speaking about his book

The Wreck of HMS Speedy- The Tragedy That Shook Upper Canada


Dan Buchana is known as “ The History Guy of Brighton, Ontario. He is engaged in many history projects related to local and Ontario history, expressed in presentations, books, videos and a growing website.

He is a member of the Brighton Heritage Advisory Committee which a committee of Brighton Council responsible for local heritage issues such as heritage properties and historical plaques. Dan also collaborates with the Brighton Public Library and the Brighton Digital Archives in their preservation of historical pictures and documents.

September 13, 2023

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Speaker: Cameron Telch M.A., M.Ed- Doctoral Student Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University. He will be joined by a colleague from the Legion Experience Museum in Toronto.

Cameron will connect his doctoral work with WWI military history and modern times. His topic of interest is Shell Shock in WWI veterans and their treatment post war.

He wrote a recent article comparing those experiences with Ukrainian soldiers and personnel today.


November 8, 2023

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Speaker: Kathy Morgan.

Metis Artisan
Metis Cultural Presenter
Kathy will be bringing some Metis Artifacts to support her presentation about her Metis history and journey in discovering her own genealogy. She lives and works in York Region. There may be many suggestions for others searching their Metis roots as well as knowing the oral history of families.