Queensville / Sharon-Hope Pastoral Charge Church Families

Editor: Frank Kernohan

Published by the York Region Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, Oct. 2002: 204 pages, soft cover, ISBN 0-7779-1670-3.
Price $22.50 plus $5.50 postage and handling (Canadian Dollars) Order Form genealogical study of the families of the Pastoral Charge has been compiled by Frank Kernohan using the complete church records for baptisms, marriages and burials for Queensville, Sharon and Hope United Churches, situated in East Gwillimbury Township, York Region (formerly York County) in Ontario, Canada. Sample of Page Entries from the registers have been supplemented with additional information supplied by the families concerned and the editor’s own searches at Queensville and Mount Albert cemeteries. Nearly 9,000 individuals are listed alphabetically by surname and sex, and information can include dates of birth, baptism, marriage, death, and name of spouse, where known. The earliest year of birth recorded is 1833, marriage 1897, death 1890, and information is current to October 2002. United Empire Loyalists were amongst the first settlers that arrived in East Gwillimbury shortly after 1800. By the early 1850’s more and more families moved into the area. In 1925 the United Church of Canada was formed from the union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches. This invaluable genealogical reference is complemented with a message from the Rev. David Lander, Minister of Queensville and Sharon-Hope United Churches; The History of the Queensville United Church compiled by Nancy Eves, East Gwillimbury Historical Society; A Brief History of Sharon-Hope (author unknown); and cover photographs of both churches by Ted Wilkinson.


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